A Simple, Elegant Hair Style


Patsy has the most beautiful, long red hair.  It has the slightest bit of curl in it, but is primarily straight.  For Christmas Eve, we wanted it to look special, without taking hours to comb and fix.

I gathered up a small amount from each side into a ponytail and put in an elastic band.  I left it rather loose.  Then, I took the tail and lifted it up and over the elastic band and pushed it down into the center and through, into a fishtail.  I did this process 3 times, adding another layer of hair each time.  At the bottom, I gathered it all up into yet another ponytail holder and added a hair ornament we have had for years and matched her Christmas dress perfectly. The rest of her hair hung as a ponytail down her back.

She looked lovely and special, and it stayed neat and tidy for hours!  Win-win for everyone.