Weekly Update and Saving Money–Broken Stove Edition–February 3, 2018


Today, as I was dropping Ja’Ana off at her job, and heading to the store, Rob called.  He did not have good news.  While Patsy was putting away dishes, they heard this loud noise and discovered that the stove had suddenly blown out the breaker, and there was a strong electrical smell.  There had been signs that the old stove was starting to fail, such as 1 burner burning out, and lights that ceased lighting, but….this was death, not just a minor inconvenience.  So, Rob made phone calls, and then went and bought a new stove. It’s beautiful:). And that, my friends, is one of the main reasons I try to save money each week….in my life, stuff happens!  Frequently!  It’s a bit discouraging to have to spend the money I’ve been saving, but it would be even worse to have to go without a stove/oven.  I was ok to not have a microwave for a while, but didn’t feel I could wait for this.

In the meanwhile…..I had my oldest daughter and husband coming for dinner, and I could no longer bake potatoes or cook veggies on the stove.  The meat was slated for the BBQ, so that was no problem.


Abbie and I made the potatoes in the Instant Pot, on High for 12 minutes.  We then removed them, and made carrots in there, cooking them on high for 4 minutes.  By then, the BBQ was going, and the stove was installed by Rob and Keith, so I cooked the beans on the new stove.  We had a great time catching up with each other.


My aunt made me 2 potholders this week.  How did she know such a nice stove would need new potholders?:). I like them so much, I find myself burying them in the drawer so no one will mess them up!


It was my week for gifts.  I was given oranges, flowers, muffins and bread.


I finished a dish towel.  I haven’t been embroidering much, but picked it up again this week.


That’s not all that got finished!  I’m excited to announce that…..


The greenhouse is DONE!  Rob finished this morning. The roof is on, the door is done, and it’s already getting warm in there.   He build a table for the trays of seedlings, put our heat mat on it, and I got a little planted today.  Hopefully, more tomorrow after church!


My mom gave Danait some stickers and a little coloring book.  She loved them and spent a bunch of time working in there during our visit Friday.  There is a little cd of songs that goes with the coloring book.  Fun!  During the visit, I not only caught up with Harnet, but also with my sister, who shared her recent trip to Europe with us via photos.  Double fun!!

How did your week go?



Patsy’s Blanket


Patsy has been wanting to make a tied fleece blanket in the same way that Michaela, her cousin, made her pillow.  I did not have time last week when the cousins were here to help her, and she was feeling left out, so we got busy last evening.  We used about 2-1/4 yards to make hers, but the amount can be larger or smaller.  Ours was determined by the amount of solid pink I had in my stash.  She bought the swirled fabric a while back and we paired it with the pink I already had.

We laid the pink on top of the swirled and I cut it off evenly.  Then, I helped her cut out 6″ squares from the corners and cut 1″ x 6″ strips all the way around, cutting through both layers.  Some were a little crooked, wobbly, not quite the same as the others, but it doesn’t matter in the end.  It turned out great!  We both cut and cut until we were done.  Then, she sat down on the floor in front of the t.v. and tied the strips together while she watched a movie.  She got it done last evening and immediately wrapped it around herself and wanted me to take a picture.

This would be a great last-minute Christmas or birthday gift for someone. Fleece often comes on sale at JoAnn’s for a good price, and that’s when I stock up.FullSizeRender

Michaela’s Pillow


Michaela loves the Seattle Seahawks.  Recently, she and I made a plan for her to make a Seattle Seahawks pillow from fleece.  I got the fleece and saved it for when she was going to spend a few nights at my house.


I cut it out for her.  She cut a couple of corners out, but felt like it was making her too nervous.  She was worried that she would wreck it, but she did a great job on the corners she did cut.  I started with a double layer of fleece, and cut it to about 29 inches square.  I then cut out 6 inch squares out of the corners, and cut strips approximately 1 inch by 6 inches around the pillow.  Then, I showed her how to tie.  She tied.  I tied.  Her sister tied.  At last it was done, except for a couple of stray ties that weren’t.  Oops!  So, while she was in the other room, Rob and I untied and retied one side, and it was done!

We had a 16 inch pillow form I had hoped to use.  After tying it part way, it became apparent we needed a bigger one.  Rob took Michaela to the fabric store and they got an 18 inch one instead.  Notice the clever use of the scraps–she made herself a headband/hat with them.


Little brother had to have one, too.IMG_1745It was a great project.  It didn’t take too long, she could tie the ties with some help, and she loves it.  She is a girl who knows what she likes, that’s for sure, and she likes this pillow.

Friday Project


On Friday, Patsy finished the potholder she has been working on for a couple of weeks.  Aunt Janet came and worked with her.  The pattern was purchased at a quilt shop in Sister’s Oregon.  It was called Flutterby Pot Holders by Valori Wells.  She also chose a fat quarter to make her project with.  We purchased Insulbrite interfacing/batting elsewhere so that no one would get burned when they used this potholder.  Although the pattern showed exactly where to do the machine quilting, Patsy chose to make her own designs.  They turned out great!  Now she has her first Christmas project done.  Go Patsy!